The Warp 6-ply Cotton Twine Liina,
1 kg = approx. 5 300 m,
colour 72 light grey
Warp width 120,8 cm
the sett 5 ends/cm
number of warp ends 604
amount of warp yarn needed 756 g
Length 6,8 m
Reed 1 end per dent in a 60-dent reed (metric),
but leave every sixth dent empty.
At edges 7 ends without empty dents.
Structure Lace weave, Huck
The Weft 6-ply Cotton Twine, 1 kg = approx. 5 300 m,
colour 72 light grey
Amount of weft yarn needed 630 g

This lace weave curtain pattern is a very beautiful and much-woven classic, just perfect! We had a wish from weavers to add this old curtain pattern for sale on the website. The pattern was published 30 years ago under the name Hiiohoi in Mallikerta. However, we did not have a picture of the curtain that would meet today’s requirements. So, we thought that we could weave and photograph a curtain pattern for all readers of the magazine to enjoy and weave.

Weaving instructions

Weave the fabric according to the treadling instructions with 6-ply Cotton Twine yarn. Always continue the weft on the same edge. Sew the curtains so that the edge with joined yarn ends remains on the sides of the window.
The sett is 5 picks/cm.
The woven length is 603 cm, measured under tension.
The size of fabric was 111 cm x 581 cm off the loom and
100 cm x 520 cm after the wet-finish. Finished width is 99 cm and 60 cm when pleated on a curtain rod.


Sew a 3-step zigzag at the ends of the fabric. Wash by hand in lukewarm water, around 30 – 40oC. The fabric is long and heavy, so we washed the fabric in the machine with a gentle program without spinning. There were few folds on the fabric after washing, but they straightened during drying and ironing. However, we recommend hand washing as the first wash. You can divide the fabric into two curtain panels before washing, which will make handling easier.

Sewing instructions

Cut the fabric into two pieces of curtains. Before cutting, sew a 3-step zigzag on the edges. At the top of the curtain, sew curtain heading tape by hand. Hang curtains on the window on the curtain rod, and let the curtains stretch for a little while. Mark the point of the lower end. Sew the hems by hand. At the top, fold about 3 cm of fabric under the heading tape. The inside allowance of the border is 3 cm, and the height of the border is 10 cm. 23 cm of fabric remained.