The Warp 6-ply Cotton Twine Liina,
1 kg = approx. 5 300 m,
colour 72 light grey
Warp width 52 cm
the sett 4,7 ends/cm
number of warp ends 246
Length 3,7 m
Reed Pirta nro 50/10. *)
Structure Lace weave
The Weft 6-ply Cotton Twine, 1 kg = approx. 5 300 m,
colour 72 light grey
Amount of weft yarn needed 132 g

*) Leave every 17th dent empty according to the threading instructions. You can also thread without empty dents, and the sett will be 5 ends/cm and the width 49,2 cm.

At the reed, we left an empty dent on the edge of the pattern blocks. The hope was to make the square blocks round-angled, but instead of that, the empty spot led to a loose texture. If you want a denser fabric, leave out the empty dents

Weaving instructions

Weave the curtain fabric according to the treadling instructions using the 6-ply Cotton Twine as the weft. Start and finish the work by weaving a 4 cm border. Always continue the weft on the same edge, and make it the top of the window valance. The sett of the weft is same as the sett of the warp. The woven length is 307 cm. Size off the loom was 47,5 cm x 297 cm, and after wet-finishing 42 cm x 266 cm. Finished width is 254 cm and approx. 185 cm when pleated on a curtain rod.


Sew a 3-step zigzag on the edges. Wash the fabric by hand at 30 – 40 oC. In the future, you can wash the curtains in a washing machine without spinning. Sew the borders
by hand. At the top of the valance, sew curtain
heading tape by hand.