The denim rug is woven with three shuttles and a straight treadling. Two of the wefts are self-cut rags and the third is a cotton tube yarn. Materials can be varied in the same way as in a tabby rag rug.

The warp Liina Cotton Twine 12-ply, tex 30×12
1 kg = approx. 2 560 m, Suomen Lanka / Lankava
Warp width 84,8 cm
the sett 2,5 ends/cm
number of yarn ends 212 + 4
amount of warp yarn needed 790 g
Length 9,2 m (4 rugs)
Reed 1 per dent in a 25-dent reed (metric) = 25/1
Structure Twill



Denim fabric strips  1 180 g
Cotton fabric strips, grey  626 g
Eko Tube Yarn, 10 mm wide, 1 kg = approx. 270 m, Lankava denim blue  930 g

Cut the denim fabric into a 1,5 cm wide and the cotton fabric into the 1,7 cm wide strips for the weft.


FLOATING SELVAGES: It’s easy to make the edges neat by leaving the outmost warp thread out of the heddle on both sides. Always throw the shuttle over the outermost thread and take off the under. In rugs the outmost warp end is doubled so you take two threads out of the heddle.

Weaving instructions

Leave around 15 cm of the warp at each end of the rug for the fringe.

Weave 3 picks with Cotton Twine at the beginning and the end of the fabric. Weave the rug with three shuttles: 1 cotton strip, 1 Eko Tube Yarn and 1 denim fabric strip alternately.

The woven length is 182 cm, measured under tension.

Tip 1 for a rug weaver:  Weave with three shuttles: Throw the shuttle furthest away from you in the shed and place it closest to you.

Tip 2 for a rug weaver: Throw the weft in the shed and tighten on the edge.

Tip 3 for a rug weaver: Hold the hands at the center of the beater.

Tip 4 for a rug weaver: Roll the turning point of the rag strip. There will be less “dog ear corners” to cut out from the surface of the rug when finishing.


Make a twisted fringe: Tye first 2 + 2 warp threads with a square knot. Twist these same 2 + 2 threads tightly into the same direction. Connect the ends with an overhand knot.

Cut the ends to an even length