Name Moon Goddess 3798
Warp Eko Mercerized Cotton 8/2, 1 kg = approx. 6 800 m
Weft Same as the warp
Design Marjatta Hirvi, Weaver Kirsi Vakkari
The Weaver’s Pick 4/2022

I browsed through the weaving drafts on the net, and I fell in love with the serpentine-like color stripe I saw there.

I adjusted the stripe in my mind to a table runner warp or towels. However, the stripe would have become too small and blurry for a fabric with 8 or 10 threads per centimeter, so the serpentine stripe got wider stripe patterns alongside it.

I fell in love with the stripe pattern, which is the first track on the right. That was the starting point. With different treadlings, the patterns change their shape, but still remain clear.

The coloring is lunar silver and gold, reinforced with dark gray. Table runner is named by Kuutar, the goddess of the Moon.

The draft has 8 shafts, but the treadling is simple. In addition, the fabric is woven with only one shuttle, which speeds up and facilitates weaving.

You can find weaving instructions in the Weaving Library by entering the name or number as a search term. The pattern is also in The Weaver’s Pick Magazine No. 4/2022. Happy weaving moments!