Weave a double weave locker for tin cans and jars!

Use thick linen yarn for this fun and handy fabric locker. Wind a long warp since lockers are quickly woven and finished. It takes a little more time to tie the treadles, but the idea is based on that change of the top and bottom fabrics of different colors. When taken off the loom, just sew the hems and the locker is ready for use.

Pattern Tin can Hide 3425
Warp Linen 16/4, 1 kg = approx. 2400 m
Weft Same as the warp
Design Marjatta Hirvi

You’ll find the pattern from the Weaving Library!

The locker is divided in six sections. After three section are two small section for “fold”. The fold allows to turn the sections side by side.


You can weave the locker also with a Finnweave structure. The upper and lower warps changes places same way as in this double weave pattern. Third option is build up a tubular weave structue and add tabby treadles. You can close the sections with tabby, although then you can’t change the places of the upper and lower fabrics, and the same colour warps will be always up and down.