The warp Liina Cotton Twine 12-ply, tex 30×12,
1 kg = approx. 2560 m, Suomen Lanka/Lankava
Warp width 84,8 cm
the sett 2,5 ends/cm
number of warp ends 212 + 8 double ends = 220
amount of yarn needed 570 g
Length 6,8 m
Reed 1 per dent in a 25-dent reed (metric) = 25/1
Weave Structure Rib weave, weft-faced


Amount of weft yarn needed

T-shirt Yarn, dyed (cotton tricot), Lankava
02 grey 872 g

Lilli Tube Yarn, 1 kg = n. 220 m, Lankava
25 dark grey 163 g
4 light brown 145 g
21 lion yellow 151 g
2 natural white 174 g
633 g in total

Weaving instructions

Leave a 30 cm length of warp for the lace crochet for both ends of the rug. Weave 3 picks with cotton twine at the beginning and end of the fabric. Weave the rug alternating grey tricot and Lilli tube yarn. The stripes are formed from different coloured Lilli tube yarns. Begin and end the rug with the tricot yarn. The height of the colour stripes is 25 cm. In each stripe, the colours change position at 8 cm height. The colours are changed by throwing two picks in a row with the tube yarn. The colours are also changing the positions in the border of the stripes.


Tie the fringe with square knots 2 + 2 ends together, except on both edges 4 + 2 ends together. Divide the ends into groups of 8 threads, except 10 at the edges. Crochet the lace border according to instructions below.

Lace border fringe can only be applied to rugs where the warp ends can be tucked behind the weft floats.

Try lace border technique on rugs with a structure of weft-faced rib weave, twill weave and summer and winter. A regular plain weave rug is too tight to have the ends tucked inside the rug.

Instructions for Crocheted Lace Border

Leave a 30 cm length of warp for the fringes!

The length of the fringes is 30 cm. The warp here was 12-ply cotton twine, and the sett was 2,5 ends/cm.

Size 3 mm crochet hook or according to your tension.

Tie square knots with 2 + 2 threads.
Divide the ends into groups of 8 threads.
– If your thread count can’t be divided by 8, increase or decrease the number of threads in the group at the edges. In that case, place more or fewer threads inside the crocheted arcs in the outermost groups. Don’t separate the same square knot threads from each other.


1. Make a slipknot with the 2 first ends at the edge.
Try to get the slipknot as close to the rug as possible.

2. Skip the next 2 threads. Take the following 2 + 2 threads and turn them backwards in a curve beside the slipknot.

3. Turn the 2 threads left behind in a curve in the opposite direction.

4. Make single crochet stitches around the arc with the 2 threads, so that all of the 6 threads remain inside the stitches. Make a total of 7 single stitches alternating the right and left side of
the arc.

5. At this point, change your crochet threads to
the 2 threads that were turned initially to the other side of the arc. Crochet another 6 single stitches with the new threads around the arc, until the total is 13 single stitches.

6. Fasten off by pulling the crochet threads through the last loop.

7. – 8. Tighten by pulling the 4 threads left in the beginning, until a half-circle is formed at
the border of the rug.

9. End the threads by tucking them behind the wefts in the direction of the warp 2 threads
at a time.

Use a blunt needle. Don’t split the weft with the needle.

The warp ends are easy to tuck behind the weft floats and they will be hidden completely.