SPARKLE table runners

When you have yarns in your hands that make you sigh with delight, let them bask in the admiring glances of a finished woven fabric as well.
Strong, interestingly textured, or smooth shiny yarns are at their best when they don’t have to compete for attention with complex weave patterns. 

Linen table runner

A tablecloth woven from linen is supple but not loose. The cloth stays straight on the table, and its textured surface pattern changes depending on the angle of view.

Paper table runner

Linen and paper yarn make a great pair. The tablecloth gleams beautifully in the dim candlelight because every third weft is silver-sparkling.

The warp thread is a strong, doubled Aivina 16/4. The weft of the grey and white runner is made of the same yarn as the warp. The white table runner is woven with only a thin paper cord as the weft, except for the edges, which are linen. The fabric has a hint of sparkle because, in addition to the regular white paper cord, every third weft thread is a silver-white glittery paper cord.

In these festive table runners, we used only plain weave and twill. Large numbers of shafts are not needed; four shafts and a simple treadling are enough.

You can purchase the Sparkle pattern from the Weaving Library. Members receive patterns free of charge. The pattern is in the Weaver´s Pick issue 4/2018, which the members can read and download from the page Magazines.