The Weaver´s Pick 2/2022


The Weaver´s Pick issue Summer 2/2022

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In this issue

Triangular cushion and tube cushion
Turn an old rugs into a cushions.

Cords 3782
We wove the large plant pot cover, and the small pot covers into the same linen cord warp.

Flourish plant pot cover 3783
Weave a pot cover on table looms.

Weave and crochet 3784
Linen summer blouse has crocheted sleeves!

Linen throw 3785
Weave an elegant blanket of linen yarn.

Mist 3786
Chenille yarn shimmer in a misty clasped weft pattern.

Spinning top rug 3787
The rug with clasped weft figure.

Rows of violas 3788
Poppana placemats are suitable for summer setting.

Hortensia 3789
Weave a whole flower garden into a table runner.





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