The Weaver´s Pick 4/2022


The Weaver´s Pick issue Autumn/2022

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In this issue

Kuutar – Moon Goddess 3798
Table runner with decorative twill figures.

Harvest time 3799
Polka dot patterned rep weave runner made of mercerized cotton.

Bath Sheet 3800
Lovely, large bath sheets covered with overshot patterns.

Ant’s Trail 3801
A simplified version of the pattern Path of Love.

Return  3802
Paths that go to and from.

Pike’s Jaw 3803
This balanced twill pattern is also a traditional rug pattern.

Crown and Tiara 3804
A rug with two Rosepath patterns.

Patterns 41 years
Rug yarns from fluffy boucle to tube
Mallikerta rug patterns
4-shaft Rosepath rug patterns



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