Keep the sett of the weft the same as the sett of the warp so the fabric becomes soft and the pattern beautiful. The three-dimensional honeycomb surface of the waffle weave forms when the fabric is removed from the loom.
The Warp Esito Worsted Blanket Yarn, White 7001,
tex 143×3, Nm 7/3, 1 kg = approx. 2300 m, Lankava
Warp width 103 cm
number of warp ends 413
density 4 threads/cm
amount of warp yarn needed 424 g
Length 2,4 m
Reed 40/1
Weave Waffle weave


Weaving instructions

Take the outer threads out of the heddle eye to make floating selvedges. Throw the shuttle through the shed over the level thread on the selvedge and bring it out underneath the level thread to bind the edges neatly. Leave approx. 15 cm length for fringe at the beginning and at the end of the fabric.

Pick up two picks of plain weave at the beginning and at the end of the fabric. See page 12 for pick-up instructions. Weave the blanket according to the treadling instructions with white wool yarn. The sett is 4 picks per cm. The woven length is 169 cm.

Esito Worsted Blanket Yarn, tex 143×3, Nm 7/3,
1 kg = approx. 2300 m, Lankava
7001 white 304 g



Make 7-thread overhand knots, placing them according to the pattern repeat. There are 3 and 4 threads left on the edges. Cut the fringe to an even length.

Air out wool to clean it! If necessary, hand wash in lukewarm water at 30oC. Carefully shape the correct dimensions and let dry on a flat surface. 

Pick up the plain weave at the ends of the blanket

The weave often forms short and long floats, making it difficult to tie the fringes. The edge easily ends up looking untidy, no matter how evenly knotted. It is easier to finish scarves and shawls if you pick up plain weave at the ends.

You will need a weaving sword that is longer than the width of the warp. A suitable width of the weaving sword is 5 to 6 cm. Weave a few centimeters with a scrap yarn at the beginning of the warp.

1. Pick up every other warp thread on the weaving sword.
2. Turn the weaving sword upright and throw the weft into the opened shed.
3. Remove the weaving sword and beat up the weft to the fell of the cloth.
4. Pick up the opposite warp threads on the weaving sword than before. Weave another plain weave pick in the same way as above 2. and 3.
Continue weaving with the proper pattern. Pick up the plain weave picks at the end of the cloth in the same way as in the beginning.