The scarf has been finished into a tube in a fun and easy way. The yarns from an apron rod knots and the threads from end loop of the warp have been tied together with macramé knots. This technique uses almost all of the warp and there is no wasted material.

The warp Esito Looped Mohair Yarn, 70 % mohair, 26 % wool, 4 % polyamide, 240 g = n. 480 m, tex 500
bleached white
Warp width 35 cm
the sett 4 ends/cm
number of yarn ends 140
amount of warp yarn needed 154 g
Length 2,3 m (one scarf)
Reed 1 per dent in a 40-dent reed (metric) = 40/1
Structure Plain weave, twill, weft looped weave
Weft Same yarn as the warp


Amount of weft yarn needed

Esito Looped Mohair Yarn, 240 g = n. 480 m, tex 500
bleached white 88 g
Same yarn as in the warp.

Weaving instructions

The sett is 3,5 picks/cm. The woven length is 180 cm. The fabric was 32 x 166 cm off the loom. The scarf is striped with twill and plain weave with added picking technique. Please check the drawing on the right.

Take the warp off the loom but don’t cut the warp ends off. They will be used to tie the scarf together. If you weave several scarfs in the same warp, leave approximately 60 cms between scarfs.

Hand wash cold, do not use a fabric conditioner.


Leno Twist technique

Open the plain weave shed. Pick up two lowered threads and lay over the pickup stick, then press down two raised threads under the pickup stick.

After all of the warp ends are picked open the shed with a pickup stick. Throw the weft into the shed.

Turn the pickup stick back to level and press the weft with it close to the fabric. The weft is in the right position when it is approx. 1 – 1,5 cm away from the fabrick edge.

Take the pickup stick out from the shed. Throw the next weft and beat it near the picked weft but not too close. Next wefts pushes the first weft and diminish the empty space between the picked weft and the first weft.

You can try lace weaving with a long and wide ruler.

Using macramé knots to tie the scarf ends together

Fold the scarf into a circle with the ends facing each other, leaving approximately 10 cms between the scarf ends. If you put the ends closer together, the knots will be shorther.

1.  Pick four threads from both ends of the scarf.

2.  From these four, take the two middle threads and tie them together with a regular overhand knot leaving the 10 cms between the scarf ends. Leave the other two threads to wait for the next step. Tie all of the threads in the sets of four below in the same manner.

3.  Hang up the scarf for example on a stick so that the first end of the fabric is higher.

4.  Pick the two threads from sets of four that weren’t used yet. Use them to tie macrame knots downwards, so that the threads already tied are in the middle of the knots.

5. Turn the scarf so that the end of the scarf is on top. Now repeat the knots downwards. Make the knots until you reach the knots of the other end.

6.  Finish the thread ends by threading them inside the knots.

7.  Trim all of the ends that are still visible. You can set the scarf on a flat surface to finish the ends.