Tubular double weave is normally woven into one continuing tube, but narrow horizontal tube sections can also be weaved into the same warp. In the table looms, this can be easily done with four shafts, but in the floor looms it takes four shafts and eight treadles.

The number of treadles can be reduced by adding plain weave treadles to the normal four shaft tube to close the cavity sections.

TheTube Oven cloths 3775 pattern is featured in The Weaver’s Pick issue 1/2022. The pattern can be found in the Weaving Library, and the instructions include tie-up drafts for floor looms as well!

Name Tube Oven cloths 3775
Warp yarn 6-ply cotton twine
Weft Cotton yarn, Poppana (cutted cotton strips)
Design Marjatta Hirvi Weaver Kirsi Vakkari
Publiched The Weavers pick issue 1/2022

You’ll find the pattern with instructions from the Weaving Library!

The warp is 6-ply cotton twine, which withstands weaving well.

The tube sections are filled with cotton wool or felt cloth.