Tubular double weave is normally woven into one continuing tube, but narrow horizontal tube sections can also be weaved into the same warp. When the upper and lower fabric layers change places they close the tube and form cavity sections.

In the table looms, this can be easily done with four shafts, but in the floor looms it takes four shafts and eight treadles. The number of treadles can be reduced by adding plain weave treadles to the normal four shaft tube to close the cavity sections.

In these potholders we closed the tube sections with plain weave. One plain weave throw already closes the tube, but there can be two or more throws.

The warp 6-ply. Cotton Twine, tex 30×6, 1 kg = aproxx. 5 300 m, black
Warp width 24 cm
the sett 8 threads/cm
numer of warp ends 192
lamount of warp yarn needed 200 g
Length 2,75 m
Reed 2 per dent in a 40-dent reed (metric) (2 doubled ends = 4 threads per dent)
Structure Tubular doubleweave

We wanted more firmness in the warp, so we doubled the warp thread.

When the warp is built, two threads are threaded into one heddle and four threads are slayed into one dent. In this case, the warp can be weaved not only with cut cotton strips (poppana), but also with thinner wefts and yarns. In a cloth woven with poppana strips warp threads remain clearly visible. If you want the warp threads to be better hidden, use warp thread as single.

Weaving instructions

Start by weaving a tube a few centimeters of extra weft. Start and finish the oven cloth with 1 cm of black cotton yarn for the inside allowance of the border. Fill the first and the last tube sections when finishing, other sections must be filled during the weaving.

Finished size 21,5 x 21,5 cm, 2 pcs
(1 green and 1 dark green + green)

The weft for one cloth
Novita Cotton Soft, 50 g = approx. 120 m
315 green 39 g / 315 green 22 g ja 318 dark green 17 g
Cotton 8/2, black for inside allowance 2 g

The sett is 8 picks/cm (= 16 picks/cm in two fabric layers). Weave 2,5 cm high tube sections. The filling is cotton wool. Weave 9 pcs of tube sections.

The woven length is 26 cm. Weave the two-colour oven cloth by alternating dark green and green sections. Start and finish with green.

Finished size 23 x 23 cm, 2 pcs

The weft for one cloth
Cutted cotton strips – Poppana
black 55 g
natural white 17 g
Cotton 8/2, black for inside allowance 2 g

The filling is thick felt cloth. Weave 4 pcs height of 2,2 cm tube sections by alternating black and natural white. The last tube section is black, and the hight is 13 cm.
– 4 pcs 2 cm x 21,5 cm
– 1 pc 12 cm x 21,5 cm


Sew 3-step zigzag around the tube ends. Fill the last empty section and turn in the inside allowance. Sew by hand with a black thread. Crochet the hanging loop and placei inside the corner before closing the end.