The warp 6-ply Cotton Twine “Liina”, tex 30×6, 1 kg = approx. 5 300 m, black
Warp width 24 cm
the sett 8 lankaa/cm
number of warp ends 192 (we used ends doubled = 384 threads)
length 2,75 m
amount of warp yarn needed 200 g
Reed 2 per dent in a 40-dent reed (metric) (2 doubled ends = 4 threads per dent)
Structure Tubular doubleweave

Amount of weft yarn needed

Bottom fabric
Cotton 8/2 (doubled) 1 kg = 6800 m, black 27 g

Side fabfric
Cotton 8/2, 1 kg = 6800 m, black 5 g
Novita Cotton Soft, 50 g = 120 m, light gray 14 g
Thin paper yarn, 100 g = 180 m, Filona, khaki 7 g

Weaving instructions

Weave 24 cm for the bottom with doubled black cotton yarn. The sett is 7 picks/cm in one layer of the fabric.

Weave 2.5 cm for the hem with (single) black cotton yarn at the top and end of the side fabric. Weave the side fabric 13 cm high by alternately shooting 12 throws of Cotton Soft yarn and 4 throws of paper yarn.

Sewing the Flourish plant pot cover

1.  Sew a 3-step zigzag at the ends of the bottom fabric and side fabric. Cut the bottom fabric and side fabric apart.

2.  Sew the lower hem of the side fabric. The finished height of the hem is approx. 1 cm. Sew the upper hem of the side fabric completely inside by hand.

Cut for the bottom a round piece with a diameter of 14 cm (the same as the diameter of the side fabric) from the plastic foam.

3.  Cut the bottom fabric from one side and spread.

4a. and 4b.  Draw two circles on the fabric using the plastic foam piece. Add approx. 1.5 cm of seam allowance to the edge of one circle and approx. 3.5 cm to the edge of the other circle.

The diameter of one piece is 17 cm and the other 21 cm. Sew a 3-step zigzag stitch on the edge of the pieces and cut them off the fabric.

5.  Place the larger fabric piece under the plastic foam bottom piece and turn the edges of the fabric on top. Sew the edges by hand so that the fabric bends evenly around the bottom piece. There is an open spot in the middle.

6.  Place a smaller piece of fabric on top of the bottom piece, on the open spot. Fold the inside allowance between the fabrics and sew the edges. You have now the bottom piece ready.

7.  Sew the side fabric onto the bottom piece. Sew so that the base piece remains completely below the side of the pot cover, do not push it inside.