Utilize old carpets and the rests of the warp. Weave a freshly striped fabric at the end of the warp with the cut rag strips. Weave narrow stripes to which you can use the scraps. Sew the rug into a tube and add a cap fabric to the ends. You get a nice tube cushion that is also suitable for children’s play.


A rag rug 75 x 86 cm
Plastic foam (camping mat) 86 x 71,5 cm
Upholstery foam blocks 86 cm long
Fabric for the end caps 2 pcs 20 x 77 cm
Fabric for finishing the borders 2 pcs 10 x 79 cm


Instructions for sewing

Tie the warp threads. Turn warp threads to the reverse side and machine sew approx. 2 cm from the edge. Shorten the fringes. Sew the long sides of the rug by hand with 6-ply Cotton twine.

Sew a tube of plastic foam that fits inside a tube sewn from the rug. Fill the tube with upholstery foam pieces.

Sew together the short sides of the end cap fabric. Sew a channel on one side for the string. The inside allowance of the channel is 1 cm, and the width is 2 cm. Insert the end cap fabric inside the rug with the reverse sides facing each other and sew together.

Place the board fabric on the reverse side of the end cap with the edges facing each other and sew 2 cm from the edge. Turn the board to the right side and sew by hand on the right side. The height of the board ready is 2.5 cm.

Thread the string in the channel. Make the other end the same way. Slip the rug over the plastic foam tube and draw the strings to close the ends.