The warp Veera Linen yarn, tex 240×4, 1 kg = approx. 950 m
Warp width 121,5 cm
the sett 2,92 ends/cm
number of warp ends 355
length 2,75 m
Reed 1 per dent in a 35-dent reed (metric), except every 6th dent is empty
Structure Lace weave
The weft Same as the warp

Spreading into the raddle (radde with 1 cm dents) 3 ends in one dent, 2 ends in every 10th dent

Instructions for winding the warp

Wind one end at a time.
Repeat 35 x:
5 ends unbleached
5 ends light gray
+ balance to the end:
5 ends unbleached
355 ends in totat

Amount of yarn needed

Veera linen yarn, tex 240×4, 1 kg = n. 950 m, Filona, Lappajärven Värjäämö
unbleached 452 g
light gray 375 g

unbleached 527 g
light gray  51 g

Even the linen warp with a stick! Before weaving, press the shaft or a heavy warp stick under the warp ends before weaving. Hold the stick in place throughout the weaving process to keep the warp tight and even. If the warp is long, confirm the warp particularly well with warp sticks. The more sticks, the better.

Weaving instructions

Weave 1.5 cm of plain weave (= edge) at the beginning and end of the throw. Weave the throw according to the treadling instructions with unbleached Veera linen yarn. At the ends of the throw there are light gray stripes.

The density of the weft is 3 threads per 1 cm.

When continuing the weft yarn, thin the ends of the yarns and twist the ends around each other. Pay attention to weft throws. If the weft is drawn in too high arcs, the thread twists out from the fabric. If the arcs are too small, the fabric narrows.

The woven length is 203 cm. The size off the loom was 116.5 x 196 cm and after wet-finishing 101 x 178 cm.


Tie the overhand knots according to the warp stripes, i.e. 5 threads per one overhand knot. Even the fringes equally long after wet-finishing.

Wash the throw by hand. Use a liquide washing degtergent with no pleach and rinse with plenty of water. Dry flat. For example: Spread the towel on the drying rack and place the throw on top of it to dry. Press the throw through an ironing cloth while it is still slightly damp.