The Warp 8/4 Linen rug warp 8/4, tex 210×4, black,
(Linvarp 8/4) 1 kg = approx. 1200 m,
Garnhuset i Kinna
Warp width 114,8 cm
the sett 2,5 ends/cm
number of warp ends 287 + 4
Reed 1 per dent in a 25-dent reed (metric)
Structure Overshot

Amount of warp yarn needed 245 g /1 m

A good idea  The different pattern in the middle of the rug is the same as on the ends of the rug, but it is woven higher by repeating the same pattern pick several times. Try this idea on other overshot rugs too!

Amount of weft yarn needed

Muhku Thick Wool Yarn, 1 kg = approx. 390 m, Lankava
11 orange 2,96 kg

8/4 Linen rug warp, 100 % linen, tex 210×4,
1 kg = approx. 1 200 m (Linvarp 8/4), Garnhuset i Kinna
black 490 g

Weaving instructions

At the beginning and end, weave a 3 cm hem allowance with 8/4 Linen rug yarn and 12 cm hem by alternating 2 picks of Muhku wool yarn doubled and 1 pick of 8/4 Linen warp. Weave the rug according to the treadling instructions with double Muhku Thick Wool yarn for the pattern weft and 8/4 Linen rug warp for plain weave weft. The woven length of the rug is 2.32 m, includes the hems.


Tie the warp threads using tight square knots. Shorten the threads and sew the hem by hand using a strong thread. You can use both sides of the rug as the right side.

The pattern is beautiful also on the reverse side.