CHRISTMAS CAROL table runner

Three different colour threads are always in the same order in the threading, but it varies on which shaft they settle. Dark lilac, dark red and bright red threads rise up and lower down in the threading draft as tunes of melodies in a musical notation.

Pattern on the fabric seems to be complicated at the first sight, but it is woven only with four shaft and four treadles. For only the different colours forms the lines of the pattern, it is important that the warp ends are sett closely enough.  


The warp thread is Eco mercerized cotton yarn 8/2, and suitable weft yarns are the same mercerized cotton yarns as in the warp, either Linen tow 8/1 or Linen 16/2. The warp width is 22 cm, and the finished cloth width is 21 cm.

You can purchase The Christmas Carol pattern from the Weaving Library. Members receive patterns free of charge. The pattern is in The Weaver’s Pick issue 4/2019, which you can buy as a single issue. For members, the magazine is available as a digital edition on the Magazine page.

Suitable also as a decoration fabric

We weaved at the end of this warp a sample with unbleached linen weft. The colour structure expanded in the sparkling lines to multiple directions. We think this fabric would be a good choice as an upholstery fabric for chairs and sofas. You can also weave smart cushion covers to your home or as a present. Hope we would have had a longer warp! This fabric is so beautiful.