The warp 12-ply Cotton Twine, tex 30×12, 1 kg = approx. 2 560 m, black
Warp width 84,8 cm
the sett 2,5 ends/cm
number of the warp ends 211 + 4
amount of warp yarn needed 85 g / 1 m
Reed 1 per dent in a 25-dent reed, metric (25/1)
Structures Summer & Winter weave

Every other weft in the rug is a fabric strip cut from a patterned, light cotton sheet. Smoothly patterned, light but not white cotton strip weft combines all the strongly coloured squares. Reserve enough cotton sheets, for this rug we cut strips of about two duvet covers.

Weaving instructions

Leave around 15 cm for the finishing on both ends of the rug. Weave 2 – 3 cm of extra weft to support the end of the rug. Start and finish the rug with three shots of Cotton twine. Weave chequered according to the treadling instructions.

The height of one square is 6 cm.
The woven length is 178 cm.

Amount of weft needed

for one rug

Cotton fabric strips, width 2 cm
light patterned cotton sheet fabric 1 200 g

T-shir yarn (Cotton tricot)
dark blum100 g
melone red 60 g
light green 210 g
green 535 g
blue 220 g
light blue 230 g
light yellow 120 g
yellow 130 g
dark blue 65 g
blackish blue 145 g
1 815 g in total 


Tye the warp threads using tight ovehand knots. Thread the warp ends back to the rug between the wefts.