The warp Veera Comb Wool Yarn off-white 416
tex 55 x 2, 100 g = n. 900 m, Wetterhoff
Warp width 68 cm
density 6 lankaa/cm
number of warp ends 408
Length 4,35 m (poncho3732 and scarf 3733)
Reed 60/1
Weave Plain weave and twill combined
Weft Veera Comb Wool Yarn off-white 416
tex 55 x 2, 100 g = n. 900 m, Wetterhoff


Warp length
Poncho 190 cm
Scarf 160 cm
350 cm in total
+ 10 % shrinkage 35 cm
+ loom waste 50 cm
435 cm in total
Protect the woven fabric while weaving! A clearer pattern appears to the reverse side of the fabric when woven with these colours in the warp and the weft.

Weaving instructions

Weave the scarf with the light green Veera Comb Wool yarn. Weave 13 cm plain weave at the beginning and the end of the scarf. Weave in the middle of the scarf 143 cm according to the treadling instructions. The density of the weave is 6 picks/cm. Join the weft only on the edge, taper the end of the thread (cut off one strand). The woven length is approx. 170 cm. Measures when taken off the loom 61 x 160 cm. After washing and steaming 59 x 154 cm.

Amount of weft yarn needed

Veera Comb Wool Yarn, tex 55×3
100 g = approx. 900 m, Wetterhoff
435 light green 75 g


Sew the scarf ends with 3-step zigzag stitches and cut the pieces apart. Make sure the end doesn´t unravel. Wet the fabric in lukewarm water, put in a few drops washing detergent (wool). Move carefully. Rinse and dry as straight as possible. Press or steam carefully from both sides.

Turn the hems and press the folds. The inside allowance is approx. 8 mm and the width of the finished hem is approx. 12 mm. Sew the hems with the same thread used for the warp or for the weft.