Weaving this table runner set our imagination in motion. In the stripes of the Winter story, we saw side straddle hops, pirouettes, and mint candies. Wind a long warp! Rosebath on 6 shafts produces a lot of different patterns, which can be further varied in different colours.

The warp 6-ply. Cotton Twine “Liina”, tex 30×6, 1 kg = approx. 5 300 m, unbleached
Warp width 42 cm
the sett 4 ends/cm
number of warp ends 168 + 4
amount the warp yarn needed 33 g/1m
Reed 1 per dent in a 40-dent reed (metric) 40/1
Structure 6-shaft rosebath and tabby

Weaving instructions

Weave three picks with 6-ply cotton twine at the beginning and the end of the table runner. The plain weave background weft is poppana, which is a long bias-cut strip of cotton fabric. The pattern weft is a quite thin velvet yarn. The woven length is 157 cm. We had floating selvages in this warp.

The treadling instructions and the colour order of the pattern motifs are on the next page.

Amount of weft yarn needed

Poppana, bias-cut cotton strip, width 10 mm
2204 greyish geige (caulck) 445 g

Velvet yarn, tex 555, 1 kg = approx. 1 840 m,
Garnhuset i Kinna
276 mint green 42 g
288 petrol green 23 g
213 blum red 13 g


Tye the warp threads 2 + 2 by using tight ovehand knots. Even the ends into the same length


Change the lengths between the pattern stripes. Gather in some pattern stripes so that they form groups and weave more of the plain background between them. You’ll get a new-look for the cloth, and it won’t take much time to plan. Instead, it’s a good idea to take out the crayons and take time for planning if you want to add different colors to the plain weave background. Outlining the heights of colors stripes on paper helps with the design.