Thick cotton yarn is a perfect choice for table looms. These homely-looking placemats are quickly woven. Finish the placemats by tucking the warp ends behind the weft ends.

The same kinds of sport thickness yarns as used in this pattern can be easily found from many shops.

The warp Cotton Soft Novita, 010 natural white
50 g = 120 m, 100 % cotton, Novita Oy
Warp width 36 cm
the sett 4 threads/cm
number of yarn ends 144
amount of warp yarn needed 214 g
Length 3,36 m (4 tablemats)
Reed 1 per dent in a 40-dent reed (metric) = 40/1
Structure Weft-faced rep

Black and white placemats

Size finished 32 x 44 cm

AMOUNT OF WEFT YARN needed for 1 place mat

Cotton Soft Novita, 50 g = 120 m, 100 % cotton
010 natural white 80 g
099 black 10 g 


Leave 8 cm of length for the finishing at the ends of the placemats. The warp ends are finished by tucking them behind the wefts in the direction of the warp. Weave approx. 2 cm with scrap weft at both ends.

Start the placemat with white weft yarn. Throw 4 times by alternating white and black weft yarn. Change the colour of the square by throwing white 2 times. Weave 16 black and white rows = 11 cm. Weave the rest of the placemat with white. = 34 cm.

The woven length of the fabric is 45 cm.
The sett is 13 picks/cm.

Taper the weft tail when starting, finishing, and joining the wefts. Divide the weft tail by the length of approx. 7 cm in two parts and cut off the other part. The joints of strongly different coloured wefts stick out if not tapered.


Weft-faced rep placemats can be finished by threading the warp ends back to the fabric. Use a blunt point needle with a large eye. The ends of the tablemat narrow slightly.

1.  Leave 8 cm length of warp for finishing at both ends of the placemat. Weave the length between the placemats loosely with some scrap weft.

2.  Cut the placemats apart.

3.  Thread the warp ends back to fabric systematically behinde the next weft floats 2 threads at a time to the lengt of 2 – 3 cm. Unravel the scrap wefts at the same time. Don´t make knots!

 5.  Cut the tails of the threads from the surface. Press the placemat through a damp ironing cloth.