The warp Minimop Cotton Twine, natural white
1 kg = approx. 700 m, Ø 2,5 mm,
80 % recycled cotton 20 % polyester
Warp width 60 cm
density 3 threads/cm
amount of warp ends 181
Length 2,8 m
Reed 30/1
Weave Plain weave, Overshot
The weft Minimop Cotton Twine and Lilli Tube Yarn

Amount of weft yarn needed

Minimop Cotton Twine, 1 kg = approx. 700 m, Ø 2,5 mm
52 natural white 385 g

Lilli Tube Yarn, 1 kg = approx. 220 m, 80 % recycled cotton
20 % polyester, Lankava
22 smoky blue 480 g

Weaving instructions

Weave 6 cm for the border using natural white Minimop cotton twine. Alternatively, you can leave fringes or weave just about 3 cm for the border and then fold it completely on the reverse side. The plain weave border is wider than the rug.

Weave the rug according to the treadling instructions. Density of the weave is 9 Lilli tube yarns + 18 Minimop cotton twines /10 cm. Woven length is 206 including the border.

Nb. The pattern weft doesn’t go around the two outmost warp ends. Start the looping weft by turning the tail back in the shed around the third warp thread from the edge in the beginning.


Sew 3-step zigzag on the ends. Press the rug through a damp cloth.

Sew the borders by hand using 6-ply cotton twine. Use a blunt tipped tapestry needle. Machine-wash 40°C and spin 1200 rpm, or wash according to the materials you used. Dry flat in an airy and warm place. The fabric dries slowly.

The rug shrinks considerably both in width and length when woven and washed. Wind a long and wide warp! Keep the warp tension tight and use a temple.