The warp Esito Worsted Blanket Yarn, 7053 Peach
tex 143×3, 1 kg = approx. 2 300
Warp width 30 cm
the sett 3 threads/cm
number of yarn ends 90
Length 2,7 m
Reed 1 per dent in a 30-number reed (30/1) metric
Structure Cord
The weft Same as the warp


Amount of weft yarn needed

Esito Worsted Blanket Yarn, tex 143×3, 1 kg = approx. 2 300 m,
7053 Peach 102 g

Weaving instructions

Start and finish by weaving 3,5 cm plain weave for a the hem. Weave 190 cm according to the treadling order using the same yarn as in the warp.

The sett is 4 threads/cm and plain weave in hems 5 threads/cm.
The fabric was 26 x 175 cm + hems á 3,5 cm off the loom. Size of the scarf 24 x 170 cm after wet-finishing.


Sew the ends with rather dense straight stitches. Sew the hems by hand using one or two plies of the wool yarn. Make eight tassels from the scarf thread and fasten them to the ends of the scarf by crocheting.


Make 8 tassels with a diameter of approx. 4 cm.

Mark the distance between 6 cm on the head of the scarf. Make a starter loop at the corner of the edge, make 9 single crochet and to the next stitch add a tassel from its fastening thread.

Make 10 single crochet and use the next stitch to attach the crochet to the edge of the scarf, the first mark at 6 cm from the edge.

Attach the remaining tassels in the same way.

Pull the ends of the fastening threads inside the tassels. Finish the starting and ending threads of the crocheted ribbon inside the hem.