This blanket has a homely and warm feeling.  The same kinds of sport thickness yarns as used in these blankets can be easily found from many shops.

The warp Cotton Soft Novita, 010 luonnonvalkoinen,
50 g = 120 m, 100 % puuvillaa, Novita Oy
Warp width 100 cm
the sett 4 ends/cm
number of yarn ends 400
amount of warp yarn needed 704 g
Length 4,34 m (2 blankets)
Reed 1 per dent in a 40-dent reed (metric) = 40/1
Structure Cord weave
The weft Same as the warp


405  grey  114 g
010  natural white  104 g
114  blue  33 g
171  dark blue  34 g
504  light red  29 g
549 red  29 g
203  light yellow  29 g
269  yellow  27g
399 g in total

Weaving instructions

Weave 6 cm plain weave for the hem with grey (405) thread. Obs! Weave the other end of the blanket with natural white (010). Weave 4 picks with one colour and 4 picks tabby between the colour stripes. A dark and a light colour alternates.
Repeat 2 x:
grey plain weave
blue colour stripe (first throw from the left side)
grey plain weave
dark blue colour stripe (first throw from the right side)
Repeat 2 x:
natural white plain weave
blue colour stripe
natural white plain weave
dark blue colour stripe
Weave the red and yellow sections in the same way.

blue and dark blue
light red and red
light yellow and yellow
Repeat 4 x
+ blue and dark blue to the end of the blanket

The sett in hem is 5 picks /cm. The sett in colour stripes is
6 – 7 picks/cm and the sett in plain weave is 5 picks/cm.
2 colour stripes + 2 plain weave sections = 16 picks = 3 cm.
The hight of one colour section is 13 cm. The woven length is 169 cm + hems á 6 cm. Size of the loom was 92 x 156 cm after wet-finishing 87 x 156 cm.

Tip: Throw the plain weave weft from the same side as you press the treadle, and you’ll know which of the plain weave treadles is in turn. When you are pressing the left treadle, throw the weft from the left side and when pressing the treadle on right, throw the weft from the right side.


Do not cut the colour weft while weaving the plain weave. Bind it with the first second colour pick against the selvage and again with the last colour pick. Do the same with the other colours at the other edge. You can also bind the colour weft in the middle of the plain weave section if you find it useful.


Steam or press the blanket fabric and hems. Sew the hems by hand using a cotton thread. Wash 40 – 60oC. Dry flat. Shape while slightly damp, steam or iron through an ironing cloth.