The beautiful star pattern tablecloth was found at an old thrift store. The pattern is much the same as the familiar Snowflake, but the central motifs are different. We adapted the pattern and wove it with a thin colored linen yarn into an unbleached cotton yarn warp.

The warp Cotton 16/2, unbleached, tex 36×2,
1 kg = approx. 13 640 m
Warp width 50,7 cm
the sett 16 picks/cm
number of warp ends 811
amount of warp yarn needed 195 g
Length 3,35 m (approx. 2 m finished fabric)
Reed 2 per dent in a 80-dent reed (metric) = 80/2
Structure Undulating twill, traditional pattern
Weft Linen 16/1

Linen 16/1, tex 103, 1 kg = approx. 11 200 m
approximately 85 g for one meter (the sett 16 picks/cm)

You can use also linen 8 as a weft. The motif will be slightly longer.
Linen 8 or tow linen 8, tex 206, 1 kg = approx. 5 120 m
approximately 120 g for one meter (the sett 12 picks/cm)

Red table runner

Finished size 49 x 136 cm

Weave 140 cm according to the treadling order. The woven length is 140 cm, including the hems. The sett is 16 picks/cm.

AMOUNT OF WEFT YARN NEEDED for one table runner
Aivina 16/1, tex 103, 1 kg = approx. 11 200 m
Garnhuset i Kinna
49 burgundy red 124 g

Dark grey small table cloth

Finished size 49 x 34 cm
Aivina 16/1, tex 103, 1 kg = approx. 11 200 m
Garnhuset i Kinna
228 dark grey 32 g


Sew 3-step zigzag on the ends. Match the pattern motifs of the hem and the fabric and sew the hem by hand.

The star motif fabric is woven with a one weft that is the same strength as warp threads. The colors of the warp and the weft mix well in a thin cloth. Warp is wound of cotton yarn and the weft is linen yarn. The unbleached warp lightens the colour of the weft, so darker colours are also suitable for the weft. Try dark black colours as well a bright white for the weft.
Colours from left to right:
petrol 88
green 57
cherry rose red 47
blue 89
burgundy red 49
grey 23
rasberry red 38
dark blue 86
blue 80
dark grey 228
dark blue 86

In a coloured sample weave the weft is linen 16/1 colour number 88 and in a natural colour sample the weft is linen 8/1. The motifs are longer in natural colour sample for the linen 8 is heavier than linen 16/1.