The Warp 8/4 Linen rug warp, tex 210×4,
black (Linvarp 8/4) 1 kg = 1200 m,
Garnhuset i Kinna
Warp width 96,3 cm
the sett 3 ends/cm
number of warp ends 285 + 4
Length 2,3 m
Reed 1 end per dent in a 30-dent reed (metric
Structure Overshot

Amount of warp yarn needed 255 g /1 m

Weaving instructions

Start and finish the rug by weaving a 3 cm inside allowance for the hem with a linen yarn. Weave a 10 cm hem by alternating one throw of Wilma Wool Yarn and one throw of double Muhku Thick Wool Yarn. Weave the rug according to the treadling instructions using the Wilma Thick wool yarn for the plain weave weft and the double Muhku wool yarn for the pattern weft. The sett by 5 cm is 8 picks Wilma Wool Yarn +
8 picks double Muhku Thick wool yarn. The woven length of the rug is 2,26 m + borders.

Amount of weft yarn needed

Wilma Wool Yarn, tex n. 3300, 1 kg = approx. 300 m, Lankava
(052) natural black 1,1 kg

Muhku Thick Wool Yarn, tex 850×3, 1 kg = approx. 390 m, Lankava
(16) Light grey 800 g
(3) Grey 570 g
(17) White 30 g


Tie the warp threads using tight square knots. Shorten the threads and sew the hem by hand using a strong thread. Sew the ends of the hem as well.