100% linen scarf is plain weave with extremely loose sett. The wefts are barely staying in their places. Stiffness and poor elasticity of the linen fabric make it easy to wrinkle. We took advantage of this usually unwanted characteristic and utilized it in the finishing process. The water-soaked scarf was crumpled properly, unfurled only a little and dried on a rack. If you prefer an even scarf, you can omit the crumpling and only wet-finish the fabric. The fabric gets denser and softer in a good way and the weave looks more even.

The Warp Line linen 16/1, tex 103, 1 kg = approx. 10 000 m
Warp width 44 cm
number of warp ends 240
density 5 threads/cm
Length 5,8 m (2 scarves)
Reed 50/1
Weave Plain weave
Weft Same as the warp

Instructions for winding the warp

2 threads brown (50)
* Repeat 4 times:
 4 threads brown
25 threads beige (67)
4 threads dark blue (28)
25 threads silver grey (21) *
6 threads brown

Amount of warp yarn needed 5,8 m

Line linen16/1, 1 kg = approx. 10 000 m, Garnhuset i Kinna
67 beige 57 g
21 silver grey 55 g
50 brown 14 g
28 dark blue 9 g

Amount of weft yarn needed fore one scarf

Line linen16/1, 1 kg = approx. 10 000 m, Garnhuset i Kinna
67 beige 17 g
21 silver grey 16 g
50 brown 4 g
28 dark blue 3 g

Weaving instructions

The sett is 5 picks/cm. Dark blue and brown stripes have been woven with a doubled yarn. The wefts are sliding easily out of their places when weaving a fabric with a loose sett. The structure will even out once wet-finished. The woven length was 185 cm measured under tension. The size was 42 x 183 cm off the loom.
3 picks brown (doubled yarn)
* Repeat 16 times or until desired length:
5 cm beige
2 picks dark blue (doubled yarn)
5 cm silver grey
2 picks brown (doubled yarn)*
1 pick brown (doubled yarn) = to balance the end of the scarf


Twist the fringes with 8 threads (4 + 4). The length of the twisted fringe is 10 cm..
Even scarf:
Soak the scarf in warm water with a little detergent. Iron through a damp pressing cloth.
Wrinkled scarf:
Soak the scarf in 40 – 60C water with a little detergent. Rinse. Squeeze the scarf a tight wrinkled ball and let dry on a rack. Unfurl the ball, when the fabric is almost dry and the wrinkles are fixed. Let it dry completely.

Kokopellavainen kaulahuivi Huoleton ja turkoosinsininen Huivi Huitale. Huitale-huivissa on kaksi pellavalankaa ja kaksi villalankaa vuorotellen sekä loimessa että kuteessa.