Weaving with one shuttle is fast! Use different weight rug-wefts to try the formation of a zigzag pattern. A heavy and stiff weft does not enter enough in the shed to make the pattern dense and beautiful. All weft yarns must be of the same strength. The width of the rug does not remain the same if you alternate a thicker and thinner weft.

The warp Liina Cotton Twine 12-ply, tex 30×12
1 kg = approx. 2 560 m, Suomen Lanka / Lankava
Warp width 84,8 cm
the sett 2,5 ends/cm
number of yarn ends 212 + 4
amount of warp yarn needed 790 g
Length 9,2 m (4 rugs)
Reed 1 per dent in a 25-dent reed (metric) = 25/1
Structure Twill


AMOUNT OF WEFT YARN needed for 1 rug

T-shirt yarn (cotton tricot)
beige 1 460 g
brown 570 g
natural white 570 g
black 95 g
2 695 g in total



Weaving instructions

Leave around 15 cm of the warp at each end of the rug for the fringe. Start and finish the rug with a few shots of scrap weft to support the ends of the rug. Weave 3 picks with Cotton Twine at the beginning and the end of the fabric. Weave the rug striped. Start every stripe with treadle 1 (outmost on the left side)
8 cm natural white
51 cm beige
8 cm natural white
2,5 cm black
44 cm brown = the middle
Weave the other end of the rug as a mirror image.



Make a twisted fringe: Tye first 2 + 2 warp threads with
a square knot. Twist these same 2 + 2 threads tightly into the same direction. Connect the ends with an overhand knot. Cut the ends to an even length.